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Hekapoo by korinathekoala Hekapoo by korinathekoala

I really loved the character from the recent episode!
I spent a whole day doing this... Tired 

Star vs the forces of evil - Daron Nefcy
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Whoa, that is some wonderful work on Hekapoo there korinathekoala, bravo!

Glad to see that this new character is getting alot of attention lately and very, very neat take on her with your own style.  Given that her look from the show is a bit more rounded out I gotta hand it to you on giving her look a bit more of a realistic balance and even the face itself is really something with those flashy eyes on her!

If anything I can kind of hint of bit if anime that went into her look here and again love the flare that comes off her face.  You paid good attention to the show to catch that and major props to see that you did just that.  If anything the pose feels neat too with the way it shows her kinda floating there and that head leaning in asking if you want more of something, who knows!

But you tackle very well her whole design and really taking in the elements of her from the show both in her look and even the little things from the horns, thick hair on her and even the sharp and spiky ends of her dress.

You also throw in some nice shading in there as well and you should definitely keep adding in bits of detail like that.  If anything you can even try some lighter shades of the orange for her dress and see how much more rounded out and real the details look.  But already I got nothing to complain about here because its Hekapoo and one of the finest ones I've seen on the DA yet.  Major hats off to you korinathekoala and keep up the wonderful work!

korinathekoala Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the critic Timmy! I will try to use your tips from now on. I really don't know what to say! I thought my art wasn't anything great, and it would desapear in the trash of DA, but, someone found it! I'm so happy!
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
Please, please don't ever call your artwork trash again.  Everyone on the DA has some great skills to show off but even I won't lie when I say the site isn't the best when it comes to fairly appreciating all and many forms of art.  Can't tell you the countless deviants I've met over the year who draw like their in the movie industry or designing such amazing cartoony styles and nobody catches note of their work.

Think its most important that you keep that positive vibe to yourself there Korina and always love your artwork, no matter what.  Art is supposed to be about enjoying yourself and don't ever second guess yourself.  Do try and avoid forming any massive egos (lol), but even how you feel right now should reflect how you should always view your gallery.

All that yammering aside, you're more than welcome for the comment.  Happy to see I was able to bump into a talented artist like yourself.  So if you don't mind, please keep up that wonderful artwork you do. *tips hat*

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